Search Engine

There’s more to SEO!

SEO is preferably one of the best ways to boost your business online. Your business can leverage to stay competitive online and at the same time drive customer acquisitions, sales, and revenue.

There’s rather more to SEO than website content - if there wasn’t, we’d all be doing it. At CodePilot, we tend to solely deliver the most effective SEO methods to deliver rank ascension processes, all of that area unit as clean as a whistle.

There’s more to ranking high in search engines than stuffing pages choked with keywords and praying to the program gods. Plonking keywords on your pages isn't what we tend to do, our SEO services do rather more to stay you on high of these program results.

Why choose us?

Our SEO strategy involves combining content, technical optimization, and authority optimization. Our SEO executives focus on every kind, guaranteeing that your website gets the complete treatment, as well as continued to optimize the intent and conversion rate of your guests.

We know exactly how to appease the ever-changing algorithms (all the 500-600 yearly updates Google makes!) and keep your website’s head above the water, so to speak, when your less-prepared competitors suffer drops due to the algorithmic changes.

In the online world, several business specialists see SEO as a scientific art. With a mix of science and creativeness, we are going to check that that your website is driven to succeed. We’re not here to waste time – we’re here to form SEO methods that deliver results.

Getting to the primary page of Google’s SERPs is what brands dream of. With sixty-two % of searchers clicking on first-page links, it’s wherever you would like to be. We’re here to form it happen.

Using our experts’ technical skills, a variety of prime quality, SEO-friendly content, and integration among our digital selling department for content promotion functions, we’re in it to deliver the most effective attainable ROI. we will guide you thru the proper steps to follow for a social media strategy directly influencing your SEO. Through artistic engagement, we are going to drive traffic to your website. we all know a way to pacify the dynamic algorithms and keep your website head higher than the difficulty.

How long will it take to rank you high?

It won't happen overnight.

This is because it mostly depends on the search engines and their working mechanisms. It will take somewhere in between a couple of days and a couple of weeks.

Your website will be examined thoroughly and based on that a strategy will be given which is best suitable for your business. Following that the strategy will be revised periodically. If you want to boost your business as soon as possible you have to be consistent. You have to nurture it. With consistency, your business will reach the market within the specified time period.

The search engine optimization process

To keep you ahead of the game, we use a 7 step process that will take your business to leaps and bounds.

SEO audit

This audit focuses specifically on areas like your website speed, user expertise, structured information, schema mark-up, website structure, internal linking, and most significantly, your content. By comparing your existing SEO strategy with our knowledge, our experts will tell you what is working well and what requires improvements.

Competitor analysis

We look at what everyone is doing in your industry. By closely examining their strategy we will get some insights on what they are doing and where you are lagging. We will also know why the search engines are encouraging them and to what extent their contents answer the searcher's question.

Keyword selection

When analyzing your keywords, we'll conjointly look to spot extra and relevant 'longtail keywords' that would be some simple search terms to focus on. We look for those keywords that will attract the right people and in the meantime offer high user intent. We do so to bring relevant search traffic into your sales funnel and generating a faster come on your search selling spend.

Link generation

A basic facet of the Google core rule revolves around what percentage 'backlinks' a website has. The more high-quality backlinks that a website has, the more likely Google is to examine the website as trustworthy and an authority on a subject. Common strategies usually involve making content for different websites (guest posting), finding broken links on sites that we need links from, and 'skyscraping' challenger content by immensely rising it and obtaining their backlinks modified to your website instead.

On-site Optimisation

We'll optimize your content management system. Throughout this part, we'll conjointly check out your website structure to confirm relevant content is sorted along properly and solidify your website as an expert on the topic. Next, we will implement UX design and structured information changes to the website to confirm that your guests are finding the knowledge that they want quickly and in an easy-to-digest format. We'll analyze the flow of traffic through your website from Google Analytics, furthermore, as use heat-mapping code to examine if users area unit performing arts the actions on the scene that we wish them to.


We believe that transparency and accountability to the consumer are truly essential for any SEO campaign working. We put a lot of emphasis on our reports to ensure that you understand why we are taking the steps that we are. You'll get a summary of everything that has been enforced and what we tend to implement next; furthermore half-track enhancements in your website rankings, traffic, and ulterior sales.

Conversion rate

Making the foremost of the traffic from your freshly established rankings will provide you with 10x your previous results. We tend to assist you to establish traveler pain points and tweak and check to maximize your traveler conversion rate.